Saturday, December 20, 2008


This weather is something huh?
I dont know if I'm not sucking the O.J. that I need but I'm feeling a, GREY.
"Sun is Grey
Sky is Grey
and the ocean is Grey..."
But this is some of the best art that I've done,
a little evile, a lot a bit dark, but some of the most real that I've felt in a long time. Maybee its the season, I'm not a x mas fan,especally when we have little to give. But damn, damn this beautiful dark art.
Hows the season playing with you?
What kind of wells are you digging or crawling out from?


stonepost said...

What's with this "grey" shit? You have been surrounded with probably the whitest snow on earth! Try the East coast where they think snow is dirty and black! So what black and devilish art have you been up to? You hint at it but failed, as most artist do, to share it with us. Art is an attitude/emotion? Grey skies = paint grey? If we did art the way the world was we would be painting poverty and pillage, economic doom and gloom! Some of us don't crawl out of holes nor dig them. "Snow days" should bring people together. They offer an opportunity to help others less warm and a reason to believe, for those that dig holes, they have created a mountain to climb. "Snow days" offer an opportunity at forced relaxation,
maybe something artists find difficult to do?

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