Sunday, December 7, 2008

NEW: Sunday, Dec 07, 2008


So this is to be a new site where we, as Eugene people...peoples, can read, write and review our local artists.

Now, this isn't just for painting and sketches. No what I'm hoping to do is to make a review spot for all local made things. ART, WINE, MUSIC, ETC.....

Now your asking yourself,

"self (that's you) who the hell does this guy think he is , that he can come in here and review anything???"

Well, I am a artist, and i have made wine (actually more like high octane kool-aid) and I did, up until recently, play music. (sold my bass for a wine making kit).

But more than that, I want to give what I have always wanted.


"I firmly believe that everyone who creates deserves the right to have their creations reviewed. Good or Bad."

So, this is how this is going to work:
Every Sunday, I am going to pick between one and three things to review.
I'll write my bit and post it for you all. That in turn opens the door for you to try it for yourself and post as you see fit.

If you have something you would like to see reviewed you can send in your requests to

and I'll do my best to answer as many of them as I can.
tell your friends and thats just that many more ideas and opinions we have.


stonepost said...

What a well done site and SO EASY to navagate! I wish you so much luck with this it will be good for everyone! Now. I wish you would go to Sweet Cheeks Winery and Review their entry gate! That's an honest request: is it art? or just a gate? hope we all have fun with your site, Jerry Carlin

Edwin said...

Does playing music on a blue guitar change the way the music sounds? Absolutely. Should musical instruments be art in themselves? A guitar, for example, that looks beautiful, sensuous to the touch, and has a inspiring tone will inspire to play more. To touch more. To sing more. Thats what art is, inspiration.

Edwin said...

Inspiration comes in many forms, from many sources. Consider where you live. Does your surroundings make you feel good, or do you want to be somewhere else? If your answer is somewhere else, then do whatever it takes to be elsewhere. Your home is the most important single source of encouragement or depression, so make it inspirational. Edwin

bIOTwist said...

you asked for feedback but i dont see any art

stonepost said...

what is wrong with the Eugene art world??? I had to drag someone in from New Jersey to get something going! are we really that lazy?

stonepost said...

There is something about artists, we are mostly quiet people working on our own projects. We don't join many clubs, are not much good at "networking" and for the most part, seldom talk to each other.
In the metal arts some of this is historical: in the middle ages it was a protected "science" and you could be put to death for teaching the trade! It was alchemy, changing lead into gold, and mysterious and profitable, as long as not too many people knew how to do it!
We are still protective, have our secrets. We will show you the product but not how we created it or thought it out.
Copying is so commn in the art world. Ornamental iron can be bought by the box car load from China. J. Pollack dripped paint on his work and now artists the world over are trying to perfect splashing paint! When, probably, all that he intended was to create a flaw in an otherwise too perfect piece!
THIS SITE is supposed to be OUR site, an opportunity to review, to analize, to share our work and critique other's. Could it be we really don't want this? We don't waant to share the secrets of what we make and how we sell it? Does the world know that gallery art is, at the most 50% to the artist and 50% hype? That a $400 print cost $20 to produce and millions can be made? That there is minimal difference between a starving artist selling their work on Craigslist for $50 and some "famous" work at $30,000 a pop?
More artists are needed on this site, more sharing, an arguement or two and, come on: we want to know how you do it! jerry carlin

Josh G. said...

I would agree that it feels like someone could steal your secrets if you show them your craft. As a photographer I have my own ways of shooting and at first was very protective about them. I worked completely solo for several years, up until lately when I have started to teach my wife how to use manual exposure. The neat thing is that even if someone knows exactly what you do their "eye" or perception is different and the results will be unique to them.
If you feel like checking out some of my photography you can surf to and have a look. I'm adding to it daily, especially with all these snow days!
Josh G.

wouldn't you like to know said...

Sorry to join you late but well have fun in your forge today. Is that ring to stop the fan spinning?lol

want some forged art to check then check or "" under jacksforge.
A eugene smith as well.


WOW.....! So I have been away, kinda shifting thru Tool songs (check em out if you dont know em) and a ani difranco buttered toast. (she a tasty treat as well)...I love the fact that this moght just be the stones around the campfire.
I love reading your talks


WOW.....! So I have been away, kinda shifting thru Tool songs (check em out if you dont know em) and a ani difranco buttered toast. (she a tasty treat as well)...I love the fact that this moght just be the stones around the campfire.
I love reading your talks

Beth Robinson said...


I think this is a great idea... the questions you guys are asking have been on my own mind since returning to the area this summer.... Looking forward to chatting and seeing the work next time I am in the Keystone, Jerry. Cheers! Beth

Feel free to check out my own work at thanks for sharing yours